hey there 👋🏼

hey there 👋🏼


I am a Notion consultant, ambassador & digital maker 🛠️

among other things

I say "among other things", because I've lived many lives so far. ✨

I've worked in retail, in hospitality/tourism, in customer service, in marketing, and even did a couple of handy jobs mostly linked to animal care. 🐎

As you can guess by now, I'm super curious, I love to learn, to experiment and to overuse commas. 😁

At this phase of my life, I'm compiling all my knowledge & experiences & tastes to help others get more organized, productive, and overall efficient.

Working on


🎨 — Templates

You can find my Notion templates on Gumroad or Flurly !

Or even here

🗨️ — I like to talk about Notion


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Camille Blanchod