Thank you, 2021

Thank you, 2021

December 31, 2021
This year has been a quite intense year of growth for me, so I’ve decided to review it.

The jump 🦘

This year started off by me still being a full-time employee in customer support.

I had taken that job to give me some time to think, plan and move forward with my projects while still being secure financially.

Around February, my now friend Shubham Sharma contacted me because he had a project in mind, and he was looking for help. It was the sign I was waiting for.

Things were also becoming more complicated (people wise) at my job, so I decided to take the plunge and quit.

While Shubham’s project was short-term, I knew that it would help me get started and that I’d figure it out what to do next once I’d take the chance.


What went well 💪

Almost everything.

I feel very lucky, given how terrible this year has been for most people.

Professionnally, I found a way of working that I enjoy, as well as interesting projects, and I kept proving myself wrong.

I was extremely nervous many times, felt overwhelmed quite a lot, but still I managed to push through and take a step back when necessary.

I’ve had the chance to work with great clients, work on fun projects of different types.

I met so many amazing people, both online and offline.

I got to finally check out the Web Summit, which had been on my list for years.

I traveled a little, not very far nor for a long time, but it was always appreciated.

I spent time with family & friends, and almost everyday with our dog, which has helped me immensely agaisnt stress/anxiety.

The struggles 😵‍💫

Since it was a year of experiments, growth and change, I said yes to a lot of things.

Too many.

While it was usually enjoyable in some way, it was not necessarily the best thing to do when my plate was already full with tasks & events.

So slowly but surely, I understood the importance of saying no.

I also think I could have done better in the health department - sleeping better, sleeping more, eating better overall, drinking less during the summer, and most importantly exercising more.

And generally, just having better boundaries.

This year I’ve been confronted to many boundaries-related issues, mostly in my personal life.

Family or friendships dynamics, saying yes to everything, always putting others before myself.

It really made me realise that I no longer want to be a people pleaser just for the sake of avoiding conflict, nor do I want to hold on to relationships that no longer serve me “just because” they have been part of my life for a long time.

I’ve changed a lot as a person, which widens the gap I noticed between my current self - my past self - my friends/family members.

I feel ready to move on, welcome this new chapter of my life and whatever it entails.

However, this does include some grief of the past (dynamics, relationships, events) and it hasn’t always been easy to navigate this year.

There’s been a lot going on personally overall, but I’m glad I finally decided to do whatever it takes to preserve my inner peace.

You can’t pour from an empty cup...

And to jump on that, I need to rest and take proper breaks next year.

In 2021, I just took 1 week off in October. That’s it.

These past two weeks I’ve been working but struggling, honestly.

I’m not having the proper energy nor headspace to be productive.

Hence the need to take proper time off....

In numbers 🔢

  • I’ve started a newsletter and have published 10 editions.
  • My products on Gumroad have gathered 1800 views and 425 downloads.
  • I created a habits tracker and have tracked over 40 days already.
  • I’ve participated in the conception of The Notionette and published two articles.
  • I got +1200 new followers on Twitter and my tweets have received over 886 000 impressions.
  • I co-created Notion en Français, a french community around Notion, which has now 1985 members on Discord, 1300 members on Facebook and 875 followers on Twitter.
  • I’ve been invited on two podcasts episodes.
  • I’ve participated in / hosted 15 livestreams around Notion.
  • I’ve been invited to give a talk during Notion’s Block x Block (their first virtual summit).
  • I co-organised one physical Notion meetup in Paris.
  • I’ve worked with 2 monthly clients and 5 other clients throughout the year.

Final thoughts 💭

I’m going to be honest : I am not clear on my goals for all of next year.

To be fair, I also didn’t really have any specific goals entering 2021, except that I wanted to become a freelancer/entrepreneur.

And it turned out way better than what I could have imagined or expected!

So, in 2022...

I want to keep growing, evolving and experimenting.

I want to have more peace and clarity.

I want my work to support my life, and I don’t want to work as much as I did this year.

I want to work on projects & tasks that have leverage.

And when it’s time to log off, I want to have fun!

That’s it - may 2022 be a great year for of all you. 💚

I hope we’ll see the end of this health crisis, so we can return to living more freely 🙏